About The Roost

Who We Are

The Roost is a registered charity and everyone involved in it is committed to the flourishing of young adults in our beautiful county.

The Roost Team

Beth Rookwood

Our team is led by Beth Rookwood, our founding trustee, certified holistic development coach, ordained pioneer minister in the Church of England and experienced youth, schools and young adults worker. Her team, which includes young adults, deliver the work of The Roost.

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Angela Feather

Angela lives in North Northumberland, and loves getting out in the hills & beaches. Often to be found with a cuppa in her hand & a board game on the table, her passion is connecting people & building community with them. 

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Rachel Coundon

Rachel is born & bred in the North East, raising her family in the village right by the Roost Outdoor Space. A keen gardener with a love for the outdoors, she brings these gifts and her administrative experience to The Roost ops team!

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Barney Rookwood

Barney is our lead on cultivating the outdoor space. He is never happier than when mowing the lawn!

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Elodie Hewes

Elodie is our designated safeguarding officer. With a Masters in Human Rights, Elodie helps us nurture a safe community to which a diverse range of people belong. In her spare time she loves to be out and about in rural Northumberland appreciating nature with friends and family.

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Emily Emmerson-Finch

Emily is our Chaplaincy Lead alongside serving as a Chaplain at one of our Northumberland Sixth Forms. She is also training as a pioneer minister in the Church of England and has a passion for walking alongside teenagers throughout the ups and downs of young adulthood. Usually found in a coffee shop or in the sea!

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As a group of trustees we are responsible for the overall running of The Roost. Between us we have many years of experience of working in healthcare, business and local authority professions, and in areas of both research and practical engagement with young adults. 

Tara Russell

Tara and her family finally acted on their dream to move to the North East in the summer of 2021. They have been cultivating some vegetable beds at their new home, and enjoying living on one of the Northern Saint’s Trails. Tara is The Roost’s Chair of Trustees.

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Nicola Taylor

Nicola has spent all her working life in the privileged position of supporting families and children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, and working with schools.

She lives in Newcastle and spends happy leisure hours walking with her family, friends (and four legged friend Barney) in beautiful Northumberland.

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Michael Carson

Michael is our Treasurer – He lives with his wife Christina and two pugs, Meg & Belle, in Morpeth. They enjoy exploring the outdoors together as a family.

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Sarah Keith

Sarah is our Trustee who helps with funding and research. When she isn’t looking for hidden woodland spots in Newcastle, she loves exploring the beaches of Northumberland.

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What We Do

One-to-One Sessions

Having a safe person to talk to can be hugely helpful to people experiencing a tangle of thoughts and emotions. We work with many young adults offering this sort of listening support – over the phone, walking in a forest, sitting in a field. All sessions are confidential and are kind and gentle spaces intended to honour and support what the young adult is going through, and perhaps work with them to identify what their next steps might be. If you would like to arrange a conversation like this please contact Beth.

Workshops and Retreats

Being with others and exploring areas young adults frequently face can be a really helpful way of moving forward and growing in understanding. Workshops on subjects such as self-esteem, self-discovery and self-care offer really useful practices that can then be implemented into every day life.

Retreats exploring silence, soul-care and connecting with nature offer opportunities to take a break from usual rhythms to explore new ones. Time away can often mean our time ‘coming home’ is richer and more meaningful.

Social Activities

Making new friends can be hard in a rural area, and at this stage of life. Our bonfires, beach breakfasts, craft workshops and big batch cooking sessions are a great way to connect with others – and are even more rewarding when you have been part of creating something that can then be given away to others.

Outdoor Space

All of us at The Roost love being outdoors, and we have experienced first hand the healing power of nature. Most of our activities take place outdoors, and, for the first time, we have our own little piece of land that we are cultivating to make it ours. Come along to dig, sow, grow, weed, make fires, cook food and be part of a community who cares about looking after the land well.

Policies and Partnerships

As a registered charity we report to the charity commission in areas to do with good working practice. On a more local level, we partner with The Church of England and the Diocese of Newcastle, particularly in the area of safeguarding. Where we work in existing centres such as schools, churches or colleges, we establish partnership agreements which are agreed by all those involved. As The Roost Community we are one of the expressions of contextual Christian community within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.


Our designated safeguarding officer is Elodie Hewes. Elodie is responsible for the safer recruitment, safeguarding training and implementation at The Roost.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please contact her on elodie@roostcommunity.org or contact Beth Rookwood on 07793 964392.

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