A Place to Belong

The Roost Community

The Roost Community is a space for young adults to explore contemplative spirituality within the broad and diverse Christian tradition.

We meet in large and small groups across Northumberland, and welcome anyone, of any faith or none, to be part of us. The values of our community are nurture, creativity, friendship and faith, and these are lived out in different ways across all that we do.


We gather monthly, usually outside and around a bonfire, to eat food, get to know each other and explore themes of spirituality and faith.

We treasure the heritage of celtic spirituality in Northumberland, and learn from & engage with the lives, writings & practices of ancient thinkers and mystics, progressive teachers, and contemporary voices.

Through poetry, art, creative prayer and exploring the bible, we grow in our understanding of who we are, and what it is to love God, and our neighbour, as ourselves.

We usually share bread and wine in a simple communion together.

‘Being part of the Roost Community helps me to not feel alone. It has helped me to connect with other young adults in Northumberland and make new friends.’

Young Adult

Small Groups

Because so many of us live all over Northumberland it’s nice to make time to connect nearer where we are based all the time.

Our small groups meet in more local areas. Each group has a different flavour to it – some play board games and chat about life, we have a book club, an outdoor & poetry group, a craft club and often each group has its own way of developing friendships and exploring faith, doubt and everything in between.

The groups are led by young adults who are supported and resourced to lead in this way. To hear more about our small groups please get in touch.

‘For me, the Roost Community is a network of faith stretching across Northumberland, a supporting web of young people who are joined through love and faith.’

Young Adult

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